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Our Brands

Welcome to Luxury Hotels Group, a range of hotels and resorts spread across the most in-demand destinations and capital cities around the world. Each property in our collection has been hand-picked to suit the luxury traveller. Each guest has unique preferences and tastes, so LHG offers a wide range of properties, each with its own unique charm but all offering world-class service at the highest standard. The LHG name stands for luxury, excellence and distinction.

To sort our properties according to taste and requirements, Luxury Hotels Group is divided into four collections:

Each collection provides high-end facilities, excellent service and a luxurious accommodation experience to every single guest. Whether you are on the holiday of a lifetime, a business trip or celebrating something special, Luxury Hotels Group has a property to suit your unique tastes and cater to every requirement.
You are invited to learn more about Luxury Hotels Group through our website. Every hotel and resort has its own destination guide so you can experience the hotel and its city to the full. When you book with us, you access our team of experienced travel specialists who can create a bespoke accommodation experience for you with special bookings and a personalised service to meet any request. We consider great customer service to be a cornerstone of the Luxury Hotels Group experience.
At Luxury Hotels Group, we are simply the curators; you are the connoisseur of true luxury.